page 2,3.jpggoddess herself directing her, “get up , get up, how long will you sleep? Take a bath, put on fresh clothings , oil your hair, make up your face with red kumkum and chandan, you will then get a fresh fruit, eat it up, you will be a mother of a healthy son”. The woodcutter’s wife got up quickly, and put oil in her hair, took a deep bath in the temple pond. After that she came home, told her husband about the dream. The dwarf woodcutter was very happy – “We have received the blessings of the goddess , there is nothing to worry now. When you get the fruit , just eat it up.”
The woodcutter happily went to the forest to fetch the five wood , deep inside the forest, near a stream the woodcutter saw a very old woman, about hundred years old, was sitting there. she asked “who are you my child ,are you the childless woodcutter, I can not see very well these days, take this my child, give it to your wife, it is a fruit, make sure , nothing is left, but she have to eat the whole thing after seven days, nothing should be left out. She will be the mother of a very healthy boy, He will be pride of your family. Saying this, she opened a small bag, took out a fruit and gave it to woodcutter. Then slowly the old woman walked away in-to the forest. That day the woodcutter did not cut any tree , he ran towards his home. He called out for his wife and said , my dear , we have been blessed. Look at this , take this in your hand , this is the


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