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blessing of goddess , do not eat it today, keep it carefully, after seven days , after having bath, you may eat it. This is the direction of the goddess.”
The woodcutter was very happy, merrily he went to the river for a bath. But in his excitement he just forgot to tell his wife not a single part of that fruit should be left out or wasted. The woodcutter’s wife was extremely happy but could not wait for even a few hours, she eat the fruit as the goddess gave her instruction in her dream before “When you get a fruit eat it.” Why should I wait for seven days? earlier is the better, she took the name of goddess, cut the fruit, removed the skin and ate the rest.The wood cutter came back home after having bath he saw the head and the skin of the fruit on the floor, He shouted” oh! You useless women , you have already eaten the fruit? Why did you throw away the head and skin of the fruit? You just pick it up and eat the whole thing. His wife was bringing some food for her husband, quickly she came to the spot and ate up all the parts of the fruit lying on the ground.


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