page 5The woodcutter was very angry with himself for not telling her not to waste any part of the fruit. He was abusing himself and threw away the food placed in front of him. After nine months his wife delivered a baby boy normally , the dwarfs are very small, but this new born was ten centimetre tall, but surprisingly it had beard like an 18 years old boy! But he also had a 5 centimetre long pony tail hair like a hindu priest!
The dwarf woodcutter was very angry and upset . He felt that the new born was so small yet had beard like a grown up due to the curse of the goddess. Since his wife did not wait seven days before eating the pickjed up fruit. He picked a up his axe and ropes and left the house in dismay.If the stupid wife could wait for seven days and did not throw away any part of the fruit, the child would not have been like a lizard, with a long hair tail but a strong healthy normal baby.
The woodcutter’s –wife broke down crying “it was all my fault.”
The baby is hungry and cries out, but no one comes to pick him up or feed it. There was none to care for the baby. The woodcutter had left the house, now his wife was ready to go to river to commit suicide.
On his way, she was blaming the goddess, “you have given me a child, but alas, you had this in mind?”


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