page 7-“But what your majesty?Asked centi.
-“ Arrange for one pence, them come to this palace.”
On hearing this, centi returned to his father and explained the situation, “Dad don’t you worry, everything will work out. Now I am going to arrange for one pence” He left.
Centi started running like a rocket and reached the bank of a canal. He started considering how could he cross the canel.
Suddenly, he felt a violent tug at his long hairtail from behind . He fell down on his back some one shouted, “hi, ten centi man with five centi hair tail, who the hell are you?”.
Centi rolled on the ground and managed to get up quickly. He was angry and shouted, “Whoever, I may be, who the hell are you ?”
– “I am the golden Frog, prince of the Frog King” Centi was still angry and said, “I shall chop off your nose, your ears and then both your legs”.


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But not any of those could stand upto “Centi” ,he waltzed his way dancing and running from place to place till he saw a palace and stopped there. He looked around and suddenly saw his father chopping woods in the scorching heat of the day. He was sweating profusely. “Centi” ran to his father, “Daddy, Why did you left the house leaving us?Mummy has bean crying since then?”
The Woodcutter was surprised seeing his ten centimeter son, but realized he was not an ordinary baby-man. He picked up his son for the first time , held him close to his chest and kissed him for a long time. Then he said,”my darling child, it is not possible for me to go home now. I have sold myself to the king”.
Centi left his father and went to the king.
“Oh , your highness who chops wood for your kingdom?
The king was surprised to see “centi” and said, “Who the hell are you? A draft woodcutter from foreign land , chops wood as much as he can”.
-“Where does the woodcutter live? Please give the woodcutter to me, your majesty,” requested ‘centi’.
-Yes, one businessman had brought him to me. The fellow has a very big head! I bought him for one pence, I shall give him to you , but”


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The famished ten centimetre child was sucking his thumb, it suddenly stood up and ran to her mother, put his long hair tail on his mother’s feet and begged of her, “Mommy, Mommy,please don’t go, feed me some milk please.”
-Oh my lord, a new born baby walks, speaks! It cannot be an ordinary child” the wooductter’s wife thought. She picked him up and let him suck her breasts. She forgot her desire to die. After feeding to his heart’s content, the “Centi” imploed his mother, “Mummy, Please put me down, I have to go in search of Daddy, I must bring him back”.
Centi did not know where his father could possibly go, but he kept moving along roads in -incredible speed considering his tiny size. Ants, Beetles, rats and other insects like grass hoppers tried to harm this ten centimetre baby-man enroute.