Lall Kamal & Neel Kamal

               Lall Kamal & Neel Kamal

Once upon a time there was a mighty king. He had two beautiful queens, but one of them was a wicked witch. Nobody knew that, not even the king! The other members of the palace and the and the people of his entire kingdom was totally unaware of the second queens real identity.

She had kept it a well concealed secret.

The two queens of the king had a son each. The human queen’s son’s name was Kusum, and the witch queen’s son was named Ajit. Kusum and Ajit were very close to each other. In fact, they loved each other dearly.

The witch queen’s mind was full of wicked thoughts, her tongue was blood red. She hated Kusum and had always tried to cause harm to him. “I wish I could eat his tendes body! Oh, it will be so delicious a meal”- she used to think all the time.

But the problem was that the boys were so much attached to each other that they were not separable for a moment. The wicked queen’s anger grew day by day.



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The witch queen was looking for an opportunity to fulfill her desire, but in vain. Her anger got directed towards the human queen. All the witches have many wicked powers. So this witch queen used her power and started sucking her blood by simply staring at her. Nobody could make out what was happening to the other queen. Very soon the real queen become totally weak and got bed-ridden.

The witch queen used to watch her secretly how she was suffering and was delighted.

It is sad that the other queen, Kusum’s mother, could not bear the pain and due to heavy loss of blood she died shortly one day. All the members of the household and the people of the whole kingdom mourned the demise of their dear queen.

Sadness filled the air all over. Nobody had any clue, how she died, what was the reason for her untimely death. They were surprised!

The king himself also had no clue about the sudden demise of his favourite queen. The witch queen started behaving very cruelly with Kusum, always rebuking and abusing him. She was also not so affectionate to her own son Ajit at all.

Ajit felt very sad for his dear elder brother Kusum. He used to console him saying, ‘brother, please, do not feel bad, we are not going near to my mother, she is behaving strangely with us.” So they started avoiding the wicked queen as much as possible. Ajit was mentaly very  strong. by nature, he was not emotional, he eould tolarate his mother’s rude behaviour, while the soft natures Kusum became very upset with this situation.

The witch queen became furious, when she observed that her own son Ajit was behaving like her enemy, not supporting mother’s mischievous ways.

After a few days, very strange things started happening in the palace. This disorder made the king very worried. His own tamed elephants are started dying, pet horses were also dying in the stable. The king was taken aback, but he just could not find any reason behind all these happenings. His intelligent ministers also failed to give him any answers.

He asked his council of Ministers to find out the reason. The very next evening there was a commotion in king’s apartment. The king got alerted, very quickly he picked up his sword and ran towards the childrens room. The two little princes were sleeping in a huge golden cot. All of a sudden he saw one huge demon picked up Kusum from the big cot! In his hand Kusum looking like a small wooden doll!

The witch queen at the some time came running from nowhere and removed one strand of her hair and threw the same at the king’s body. That black magic made the king a statue, he could not even move his hands or legs, he was standing there helplessly as deaf and dumb, could do nothing to save his beloved son’s life. The demon started eating Kusum as the king was watching this terrible scene helplessly, the demon was enjoying eating his dear son as a very delicious food! Tears rolled down his cheeks, but nothing he could do to save the prince from the Demon. watching that horrible scene, the wicked queen’s laughter filled the air.

Ajit’s sleep was disturbed by this shrill laughter. He was now wide awake, but surprised to see that his brother was not sleeping by his side! It was almost midnight and very dark, where could he go at the middle of the night – he wondered!

Suddenly he saw, the demon was eating merrily his brother’s delicate body. His anger had no limit at the very sight. Quickly he got up and gave a hard knock at the demon’s head using all his sterngth. The demon shouted in pain, vomited a golden ball from his mouth and ran away.


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To her utter surprise, the witch queen realised that her own son had become her greatest enemy. She just forgot everything in anger, and quickly got hold of Ajit and started eating him. Having ate him up, she vomited one iron ball. Quickly she picked up the two balls, one golden, another iron, and went straight to the roof of the palace. There were so many demons, of different sizes they were singing and dancing merrily –

Whum whom hum hum

we want more food

gum gam, gum gam

then only we feel good.

The witch queen also answared –

“Gop Gop Goom, kham kham khum

go back, go back, the palace is my room”

As soon as the sang this, the roof top of the beautiful palace collapased. All the surroundings became topsyturvy. The king was trembling with fear. Like a horrible hurricane the mighty demons ran back to their own land, destroying everything on their way.

The witch queen was furious, she  became very restless, “The night is long, I do not know what to do now”-she said to herself. She brought up two sticks, one known as zeewan stick that was life strength of the demons and the other known as Aram stick, which controlled her own life strength. She then burnt both those sticks . She picked up both the iron and golden balls and called her magic cloud to carry her away, very far from the palace. She flew a long distance away and in a jungle she buried both the balls in a thick bush. After doing so, she felt relaxed and came back to the Palace. The entire forest was filled with bad omens, crows and jackles started making scarry calls in the night, but the queen had ignored all that.

Next day,

he whole kingdom became disturbed, there were human bones scattered everywhere. So many demons were roaming around the city merrily, people were scared, there were no way to escape! When they came to know about the fate of their dear princes, they started to flee from this country to whatever direction they could run away from their own cursed land.

The king was in a state of  mortal shock and was watching everything helplessly

His kingdom was totally destroyed by the wicked demons. Not a single human being could be seen anywhere.

The river side trees and bushes bending by tender breeze were looking so green and beautiful. One poor farmer came there one fine morning to get some vegetables to fulfill their daily need. He started digging the ground, soon he found two big size balls, he thought, must be some poisonous snake eggs “I have never seen such eggs in my whole life – he exclaimed and drooped those balls in fear!


Lo behold! Those eggs were cracked as soon as they hit the ground. One red and another blue colour princes came out from the red and blue ball. He named them Lal Kamal (Red Lotus) and Neel Kamal (blue lotus). They were wearing decorated crown on their heads, swords in their hands. They quickly stood up and disappeared from that place. It was unbelievable! The poor farmer lost his senses.


When the farmer regained his senses, he found out that the two broken egg-shells, one was made of pure gold, another one was iron. He took those  shells to home, made a nice spade out of the iron shell and beautiful ornaments for hi wife with the golden one.

The two little princes Lal Kamal and Neel Kamal roamed around many countries. Finally they reached a king’s kingdom. This kingdom was dominated by a ferocious demon and all the people were very scared of him. the king appointed many ministers but the demon would eat them again and again. He also ate one whole family every day.


So many people of that kingdom were eaten up by the demon over a period of time. The king then declaired if any pair of princes could kill those demons, they would be given his two beautiful daughters in marriage and would be made prince of that kingdom as future kings. So many princes came to try their luck, but alas, nobody could overpower the Demon, he ate them up all!

One fine morning Lal and Neel kamal reached that country. They visited the king and declaired – “Oh king, we have come to kill the Demon and save your kingdom.”

The king was very doubtful about their ability, because they were so delicate looking princes and very young, but at last he was mentaly prepared to take this chance.

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Lal Kamal and Neel Kamal then went inside a room and closed the door. They were waiting there quietly. So many night passed but they became restless as nobody came to this room. After a fortnight one day at midnight, after waiting for a long time the princes felt very sleepy. Neel Kamal said fondly to his dear brother Lal Kamal – “brother, I am going to sleep first, next turn  will be yours. Listen carefuly, if any Demon came in the meantime and ask your name, tell my name first, not yours.” Then he went to sleep.

Soon thereafter, in the dark night, somebody knocked at the door, Lal Kamal was ready and alert for that with his naked sword. The group of Demons came there. as they could not see well in the night light, said – ‘put off the light’. Lal Kamal answared ‘No’, never”.

They were burning with anger and asked ‘How dare you,disobey us who is there?’

Lal Kamal answered,

Neel Kamal is here

Lal Kamal has no  fear

candle light is there

give your life, if come near”.

Hearing Neel Kamal’s name the Demons were horrified. They all knew well that Neel Kamal was witch queen’s own son – in his previous life. He has the same blood of their kind. They decided to examine the truth.


They could make so many mischievous plans! The biggest one of them started questioning – “Let me see your nail.”

Lal Kamal pulled out the crown of Neel Kamal with the tip of his sword, he pushed the same towards the demons. The Demon’s were scared, again they were saying Oh, my goodness, his nais are so big! He must be very strong and mighter than us!”

Then again they queried – “You now spit and let us see your throat swab.”

Lal Kamal threw some hot melted wax from the burning candle – the deadly demons were very scared and ran away.

But after sometime they came back again with their new idea –

“Show us your tongue, let us see how big it is”-


Neel Kamal got up quickly and said

“Oh my magic wand

go and see,

who dare to come here

and disturbing me”

Hearing his boldvoice all the demons became spcechless, almost half dead in fear. Neel Kamal then got up, lit up the candles and killed all the demons at ease. The two brothers then went back to sleep peacefuly.

Next morning the king visited that palace and was surprised to see two beautiful flower like princes were sleeping there – all the dead bodies of the demons were lying arround. The king was very pleased to see this. He gave his entire kingdom in the safe hands of two prince brothers and they married his two beautiful princes.

But do you remember the trouble maker witch queen? In the meantime she was dominating the kingdom happily. The Demon messenger went to her quickly and gave her the horrible news. So many demons were killed by Neel Kamal. The witch queen started weeping in despair – “Oh my my, I have lost everything, boo, hoo, hoo. go and finish both at them. My own son! what a shame! He became my enemy! I cannot bear any more. Kill them, kill them, go can’t you listen my order!

Lal Kamal pushed out his sword towards them and remained behind the closed doors. The biggest Demon ordered his followers – “now I am pulling his tongue, all of you  hold me tight”.

All of them used their full strength, but in vain. The sharp edge of that sword only cut their hands. The wounded Demons ran away from the door step bleeding very badly.

After a long pause, Lal Kamal was feeling very sleepy, but all of a sudden the Demons were back again and asked, “Tell us who is there, who is there?”

The sleepy Lal Kamal answered – “Here is Lal Kamal, who are you?”

hearing Lal Kamal’s name they became furious, using all their stregth, they broke down the closed door and attacked Lal Kamal. During this commotion the candle lights were gone, the crown of Lal Kamal also rolled away.

Lal Kamal called Neel – “Brother, brother wake up, we are in danger, please wake up, Demons are here.



page 7-“But what your majesty?Asked centi.
-“ Arrange for one pence, them come to this palace.”
On hearing this, centi returned to his father and explained the situation, “Dad don’t you worry, everything will work out. Now I am going to arrange for one pence” He left.
Centi started running like a rocket and reached the bank of a canal. He started considering how could he cross the canel.
Suddenly, he felt a violent tug at his long hairtail from behind . He fell down on his back some one shouted, “hi, ten centi man with five centi hair tail, who the hell are you?”.
Centi rolled on the ground and managed to get up quickly. He was angry and shouted, “Whoever, I may be, who the hell are you ?”
– “I am the golden Frog, prince of the Frog King” Centi was still angry and said, “I shall chop off your nose, your ears and then both your legs”.


page 7.jpg

But not any of those could stand upto “Centi” ,he waltzed his way dancing and running from place to place till he saw a palace and stopped there. He looked around and suddenly saw his father chopping woods in the scorching heat of the day. He was sweating profusely. “Centi” ran to his father, “Daddy, Why did you left the house leaving us?Mummy has bean crying since then?”
The Woodcutter was surprised seeing his ten centimeter son, but realized he was not an ordinary baby-man. He picked up his son for the first time , held him close to his chest and kissed him for a long time. Then he said,”my darling child, it is not possible for me to go home now. I have sold myself to the king”.
Centi left his father and went to the king.
“Oh , your highness who chops wood for your kingdom?
The king was surprised to see “centi” and said, “Who the hell are you? A draft woodcutter from foreign land , chops wood as much as he can”.
-“Where does the woodcutter live? Please give the woodcutter to me, your majesty,” requested ‘centi’.
-Yes, one businessman had brought him to me. The fellow has a very big head! I bought him for one pence, I shall give him to you , but”


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page 6.jpg
The famished ten centimetre child was sucking his thumb, it suddenly stood up and ran to her mother, put his long hair tail on his mother’s feet and begged of her, “Mommy, Mommy,please don’t go, feed me some milk please.”
-Oh my lord, a new born baby walks, speaks! It cannot be an ordinary child” the wooductter’s wife thought. She picked him up and let him suck her breasts. She forgot her desire to die. After feeding to his heart’s content, the “Centi” imploed his mother, “Mummy, Please put me down, I have to go in search of Daddy, I must bring him back”.
Centi did not know where his father could possibly go, but he kept moving along roads in -incredible speed considering his tiny size. Ants, Beetles, rats and other insects like grass hoppers tried to harm this ten centimetre baby-man enroute.

page 5The woodcutter was very angry with himself for not telling her not to waste any part of the fruit. He was abusing himself and threw away the food placed in front of him. After nine months his wife delivered a baby boy normally , the dwarfs are very small, but this new born was ten centimetre tall, but surprisingly it had beard like an 18 years old boy! But he also had a 5 centimetre long pony tail hair like a hindu priest!
The dwarf woodcutter was very angry and upset . He felt that the new born was so small yet had beard like a grown up due to the curse of the goddess. Since his wife did not wait seven days before eating the pickjed up fruit. He picked a up his axe and ropes and left the house in dismay.If the stupid wife could wait for seven days and did not throw away any part of the fruit, the child would not have been like a lizard, with a long hair tail but a strong healthy normal baby.
The woodcutter’s –wife broke down crying “it was all my fault.”
The baby is hungry and cries out, but no one comes to pick him up or feed it. There was none to care for the baby. The woodcutter had left the house, now his wife was ready to go to river to commit suicide.
On his way, she was blaming the goddess, “you have given me a child, but alas, you had this in mind?”

page 4.jpg

blessing of goddess , do not eat it today, keep it carefully, after seven days , after having bath, you may eat it. This is the direction of the goddess.”
The woodcutter was very happy, merrily he went to the river for a bath. But in his excitement he just forgot to tell his wife not a single part of that fruit should be left out or wasted. The woodcutter’s wife was extremely happy but could not wait for even a few hours, she eat the fruit as the goddess gave her instruction in her dream before “When you get a fruit eat it.” Why should I wait for seven days? earlier is the better, she took the name of goddess, cut the fruit, removed the skin and ate the rest.The wood cutter came back home after having bath he saw the head and the skin of the fruit on the floor, He shouted” oh! You useless women , you have already eaten the fruit? Why did you throw away the head and skin of the fruit? You just pick it up and eat the whole thing. His wife was bringing some food for her husband, quickly she came to the spot and ate up all the parts of the fruit lying on the ground.

page 2,3.jpggoddess herself directing her, “get up , get up, how long will you sleep? Take a bath, put on fresh clothings , oil your hair, make up your face with red kumkum and chandan, you will then get a fresh fruit, eat it up, you will be a mother of a healthy son”. The woodcutter’s wife got up quickly, and put oil in her hair, took a deep bath in the temple pond. After that she came home, told her husband about the dream. The dwarf woodcutter was very happy – “We have received the blessings of the goddess , there is nothing to worry now. When you get the fruit , just eat it up.”
The woodcutter happily went to the forest to fetch the five wood , deep inside the forest, near a stream the woodcutter saw a very old woman, about hundred years old, was sitting there. she asked “who are you my child ,are you the childless woodcutter, I can not see very well these days, take this my child, give it to your wife, it is a fruit, make sure , nothing is left, but she have to eat the whole thing after seven days, nothing should be left out. She will be the mother of a very healthy boy, He will be pride of your family. Saying this, she opened a small bag, took out a fruit and gave it to woodcutter. Then slowly the old woman walked away in-to the forest. That day the woodcutter did not cut any tree , he ran towards his home. He called out for his wife and said , my dear , we have been blessed. Look at this , take this in your hand , this is the

The story of “Centi” the Dwarfs

In the kingdom of dwarfs there was a wood-cutter. He used to bring firewood from the forest and sale the same in the market. That was the only means of his survival. He was married , but had no children.The villagers used to abuse the woodcutter-family for being issueless. The woodcutter family used to live in mental agony.
Theonly tree.jpg wife of the woodcutter was a very pious lady . She used to go to a temple everyday and keep fasting, praying for a child. One day, she was crying at the front of the deity of the temple and fell asleep. In her dream the pious woman saw the