page 7-“But what your majesty?Asked centi.
-“ Arrange for one pence, them come to this palace.”
On hearing this, centi returned to his father and explained the situation, “Dad don’t you worry, everything will work out. Now I am going to arrange for one pence” He left.
Centi started running like a rocket and reached the bank of a canal. He started considering how could he cross the canel.
Suddenly, he felt a violent tug at his long hairtail from behind . He fell down on his back some one shouted, “hi, ten centi man with five centi hair tail, who the hell are you?”.
Centi rolled on the ground and managed to get up quickly. He was angry and shouted, “Whoever, I may be, who the hell are you ?”
– “I am the golden Frog, prince of the Frog King” Centi was still angry and said, “I shall chop off your nose, your ears and then both your legs”.